Reflections on the human condition


I am more than happy to announce that fellow artist and my all-time favourite vocalist Liv Kristine is part of the collective Anoesis.

Make sure you visit her webpages and buy her music:

Liv Kristine - promo 1

Anoesis ISBN 978-2-9811287-5-1

Copyright © 2014 by Vienney Carpentier

Limited edition

Reflections on the human condition

Presale starts soon

Anoesis [an-oh-ee-sis]: A state of mind consisting of pure sensation or emotion without cognitive content

*** Literary Critics ***

In this collection of very short, poignant poems, Vienney Carpentier’s skills as a keen observer of phenomena are everywhere evident. His rendition of reality is done with photographic clarity. His language functions on many levels and is rife with intellectual playfulness, beginning with the very title Anoesis.

- H. Nigel Thomas

Writer and Retired professor – Université Laval


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